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Frizzy Summer Hair? Get Frizz-Free This Summer with Keratin Blowdries at Metamorph Haus, Liverpool

As the summer heat ramps up, so does our battle with frizzy hair. Don't let the frizz ruin your beachy vibes or holiday snapshots this Summer '23. At Metamorph Haus, we've got the perfect solution to keep your locks smooth and stunning all summer long - the Keratin Blowdry. Let's dive into the sunny world of keratin and discover how it can transform your hair this summer.

What is a Keratin Blow-dry?

Picture this: your hair like a tropical breeze, effortlessly smooth and beautifully shiny. That's exactly what a keratin blow-dry can do for you. So, what exactly is it? Keratin blow-dry is a revolutionary hair treatment that replenishes the protein your hair craves. Keratin, the key ingredient, is like a superhero for your locks. It not only reduces frizz but also adds strength and nourishment to your hair, leaving it looking healthy and rejuvenated.

Benefits of a Keratin Blow-dry, especially during the Summer and on Holiday

Summer days are meant for lounging by the pool, enjoying beach escapades, and letting your hair down.

However, the humidity and scorching sun can turn our lovely tresses into a frizz-fest. Fear not, as the keratin blow-dry is here to save the day.

Say Goodbye to Frizz: No more frizzy hair ruining your holiday selfies. With keratin, your hair will stay sleek and smooth, even in the most humid weather.

Faster Styling: Taming your mane shouldn't be a time-consuming ordeal. A keratin blow-dry cuts your styling time significantly, allowing you to spend more time soaking up the sun.

UV Protection: Our hair needs protection just like our skin. Keratin acts as a natural shield against harmful UV rays, helping to maintain the color and health of your hair during those sunny days.

Hydration & Nourishment: Summer can leave your hair feeling dry and lifeless. The keratin blow-dry infuses moisture and nutrients into your strands, giving them a glossy and luscious appearance.

How Long Will the Keratin Blow-dry Last?

Imagine this as the fairy tale of your summer hair: once upon a time, you got a keratin blow-dry, and your hair remained fabulous for weeks! But seriously, the longevity of the treatment depends on your hair type, maintenance routine, and the products you use. Generally, you can expect your keratin blow-dry to last for about 2 to 4 months. That's right - the whole summer, and maybe September, if you look after it!

Get Frizz-Free & Fabulous This August @ Metamorph Haus!

Are you ready to bid farewell to frizz and embrace your summer goddess hair? Don't miss out on our fantastic offer!

Book your next Keratin Treatment and enter code FRIZZFREE at checkout to get an incredible £10 off. Say "bon voyage" to frizzy hair and "hello beautiful" to sleek, smooth locks this August 2023 at Metamorph Haus, Liverpool.

With a keratin blow-dry, you can truly let your hair down this summer without any worries. Our Metamorph Haus stylists are ready to work their magic on your locks, giving you the ultimate frizz-free experience. So, hop on board the keratin train and let's turn your hair into a summer masterpiece! Remember, life is too short to have boring hair, so make this summer unforgettable with your stunning, frizz-free tresses.

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