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"Help! I Forgot to Shave": The Dilemma of a British Summer Heatwave - Do I Need Laser Hair Removal?

The woes of shaving during a summer that is unpredictable - welcome to August 2023, where wellies and shorts are completely acceptable given the UK climate - maybe. With an impending heatwave - are your legs ever prepared for an unexpected burst of sunshine? Cue trying to find an outfit that's suitable for

the weather, work and - alas! the legs you forgot to shave - absolute hell on.

We've all been there – those days when the sun decides to shine extra bright or a heatwave sneaks up on us, catching us off guard with stubbly legs or underarms. It's like the universe's way of testing our readiness, and it's not always a delightful surprise. The panic of being caught unprepared can put a damper on even the sunniest of days.

But what if I told you there's a solution to this sunshine problem that ensures you're always prepared, no matter the weather or occasion: because, extra vitamin D should not be an issue. Enter Laser Hair Removal, your not-so-secret solution for effortlessly smooth and hair-free, carefree days.

Laser Hair Removal: Your Reliable Solution

Picture this: a world where you can confidently get up, draw the curtains, be dazzled by an unexpected 25 degrees and confidently swap out your perpetual winter outfit for something more easy and breezy - knowing you're armed with the smoothest, hair-free most carefree version of yourself. Sound ideal? It is - not only is Laser Hair Removal a long term solution to this weather debacle we're having, it's also time saving, economical and eco friendly (do you even know how much plastic we use on throw-away razors!? - me neither, I just Googled it - 2 billion plastic razors .. a year! end up in landfills - time to do your bit, and consider Laser Hair Removal).

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Let's talk about why Laser Hair Removal is the best decision you're about to make:

  1. Always Ready: Laser Hair Removal offers a long-term solution to unwanted hair. No more last-minute shaving or waxing sessions before a day at the beach, festival, holiday, a spontaneous spa trip - or literally just putting a dress on for work rather than your good old trusty work pants. You'll be prepared for anything the mad weather throws at you.

  2. Effortless Maintenance: “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” I think I can speak for most people who shave - you can never be arsed, it's a chore ... I'm just gonna wear jeans and deal with the heat. Until 2pm on a Friday as a heatwave ensues - instant regret. Let's talk efficiency and effortlessness: 8 sessions of Laser Hair Removal over a year to put an end to the 3 day stubble routine or the upkeep of waxing. This sounds far more appealing in my humble opinion. With Laser Hair Removal, you can enjoy silky-smooth skin without the hassle and time-consuming routines - imagine never having to grimace as that wax is yanked away - dreamy.

  3. Confidence Unleashed: Imagine the confidence that comes with knowing you're hair-free, regardless of the situation. I mean, how many times have you freshly shaved and declared to your bestie 'OMG feel my arms! I'm so smooth' for 24 hours later to be a stubbly, grizzly beast 'don't touch me, bitch' - now imagine Laser Hair Removal steps in and you're living your long term, smooth dolphin-esque best life.

How Much Is Staying Hair- Free Costing Your?

Let's talk about the elephant in the room: is Laser Hair Removal expensive? Surely something with such amazing, long term results is gonna cost ya ... well, let's do some maths: how much is shaving every week compared to Laser Hair Removal?

The Cost of Shaving ... time and money

The average person who wants to stay stubble free shaves 2-3 times per week. If you're using throw-away razors once per shave (if you're re-using them we need a conversation) that's 3 razors per week. Plus your shaving cream and aftercare - that sounds expensive on a monthly basis (plus terrible for the environment) - here's a break down of the monthly cost, so we can assess if this is a worthy investment:

Average Cost of Shaving Per Month

12 x Razors average at £24

Shaving Cream averages at £5

Post Shave Cream / Oil averages at £10

£39 a month to stay hair free shaving. Over. Your. Entire. Life.

Alma Lasers did the real research, finding most people spend £17,000 over 50 years shaving.

And time? Do you know how much time you're wasting on super smooth short term results? 1,286 hours

That's 53.5 days. Of you life. Imagine what you could be doing with that extra time? How many more Netflix series could you be bingeing with lovely, lasered legs though? Or you know, you could actually be productive and start a business or something ... it's your free time, we're not here to judge, but we can help you save it rather than shave it.

Is Laser Hair Removal Going To Saving Your Time and Money?

Now then, Laser Hair Removal, what's it costing you? We can only speak for ourselves at Metamorph Haus, but here's the deal:

Haus of Laser at Metamorph Haus is the home to embracing smooth confidence with our Laser Hair Removal packages, pay as you go options and easy to manage treatment plans - we promise, you'll be prepared for every sunshine surprise and carefree adventure.

When you choose our Laser Hair Removal Course of treatments per area, you'll receive 2 extra sessions, along with 1 free yearly top-up – that's a whole 11 sessions for the price of 8. Which is enough to have a long term solution to being completely hair-free. You do need a little maintenance year on year - so we throw in 1 free yearly top up to ensure you get optimum results.

Cost wise - well, it all depends on the area you want to focus on, prices start from £25 per small area (so think brows and top lips); for context, as we are talking about legs; full leg laser hair removal pay-as-you-go is £60 per session, so you're looking at around £480 for your full leg package treatment - 8 sessions, 2 free sessions and 1 yearly top up.

Time wise - you're looking at 1 session, for around 1 hour, every 4 - 6 weeks until your 8 session are complete. So, it would cost you 1 year of consistent time investment; that's 1 hour per month, for around 12 months. A maximum of 12 hours to invest, plus your travel time to the clinic - and, well, you may aswell book a blowdry whilst you're here. So within 1 year you could have the most efficient, effortless, economical and eco friendly solution to the droll, mundanity of shaving 3 times a week for the rest of your life. Sounds like a damn good deal if you ask me.

On that note, it's 25 degrees today and I hope you remembered to shave. If not - time to book that Laser Hair Removal Consultation at Haus of Laser, because we are not getting hoodwinked by the weather again next year ...

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